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Shabby Chic Flower Headband Tutorial

I have to preface this tutorial by saying that I was inspired by the Tattered Flower Headband Tutorial I saw over at However, when I tried to follow their instructions, which involve using a sewing machine to create the flower, I ran into some I decided to tweak it a little. Here you go...Have fun!

Shabby Chic Flower Headband Tutorial
Supplies Needed:
3 2" X 44" pieces of fabric (use can sew them together using 1/4" seam allowances)
Iron & Ironing Board
Corresponding Thread
Stretchy Headband
Coordinating Button
  1. Fold each end of each strip of fabric in (wrong sides together) 1/4". Press
     2. Fold each strip of fabric in half lengthwise. Press.

       3. Starting at one end, begin accordion-folding the fabric. You will want the long pressed edge to be at the bottom, and make the bottom as even as possible.

       4. Thread your needle with a LONG piece of thread (when ends are brought together and knotted, you will want this to be at least 30's easier to cut thread off than to have to add more). Insert the needle as close to the bottom edge of the accordion folds as possible. Pull through.

       5. Continue folding and stitching through the bottom of the folds until the entire strip is folded accordion style and stays put with the thread running continuously through the bottom of all the pleats.

       6. Spread out your pleats until the fabric is 1/3-1/2 it's original length. Knot your thread so that it cannot expand more. DO NOT CUT THREAD.

       7. Begin "rolling" your folded pieces, keeping pleats in tact. Every 2-3 pleats, stitch through the bottom of the fold to attach it, in a roll, to the rest of the "roll." *

*Note...this is all about how you want it to look. I have yet to make 2 flowers that look exactly the same, and that's kind of the appeal. Just roll it as you would a cinnamon roll and stitch to keep it in place. It's all at your discretion. 

       8. Every once in a while, flip the "flower" over to look at the raw edges. These are what actually make up the base of the flower, so check to make sure you are achieving the look that you want. The stitches you are placing make up the base of the flower, where the "petals" grow out and up from.

       9. When finished, the BOTTOM of the "flower" will look something like this. Remember: no two turn out the same, so it doesn't have to be perfect, as long as everything is secure and you are achieving the look you want. I always think the bottom of mine look a little funky.

       10. This is the top of the flower. You can kind of see more of the "flower" when you look at it right side up.

       11. Begin to spread the "petals" apart. When you find the beginning end of the fabric, you have found the center, which is your marker for the button.

       12. Place your button in the center of the flower and sew on using the threaded needle that is still attached to the bottom of the flower. Again, DO NOT cut the will continue to use it to finish the project.* Repeat Steps 1-13 with remaining 2 strips of fabric.

*Note: if you use a standard 2 or 4 hole button, this is much easier. I happened to choose buttons with a single mount on the underside, which made it difficult to attach due to all the layers of the flower getting in the way.

       13. Using your still attached needle and thread, sew your first flower on  the headband. Placement is at your discretion (but I advise you put the seam in the headband at the bottom!)

       14. Place your second flower uncomfortably close to the first and sew in place. When the headband stretches on your head they will spread out and look much better.*

*Don't be alarmed if your headband starts to twist at this's normal and will smooth out when you wear it.

        15. Repeat step 14 with the remaining flower. See how the headband starts to bend? Totally normal.

       16. If you're like me, and you like the shabby chic look but not to the point of it looking really ragged, trim off the threads that have started appearing all over the raw edges.

That's it, you're done! Wear your new headband and wow people with your crafting skills!

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