Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Wipeable Pocket Bibs

The inspiration for these comes from a) needing pocket bibs to catch all the food that falls into my son's lap b) wanting said bibs to be cute, yet easily wiped down so that I'm not constantly washing bibs and c) Don't want to pay bookoo bucks for one measily bib!

So, here it is. This bib is oversized...9 inches wide and 13 inches long. Great for little ones who (like mine) manage to get food EVERYWHERE!



  • Fat quarter (18"x22") of LAMINATED cotton (aka oilcloth)
  • Fat quarter coordinating cotton (you can also use more laminated cotton for this step, there will be enough in your initial fat quarter)
  • Coordinating double fold bias tape
  • Coordinating button (or velcro, if you prefer)
  • Buttonhole foot (if using button)
  • Blue painter's tape (Not Pictured). You will stick this to your presser foot (and possibly the "table" of your machine)
  • Bib Pattern:  Print Pattern Here*
*Note...the pattern SHOULD measure 4.5" X 8" on the first page, and 4.5" X 5"/4"on the second. The top of the bib will be slightly wider (to go over the shoulders).

Please check out these Tips for Working with Laminated Fabric before starting this project!


1) Cut out your pattern pieces. (sorry about the cruddy curves, I had trouble with those). The main panel of the bib (with the dashed bottom edge) needs to be taped to the bottom of the main panel (with the dashed top edge). The pocket is an entity all it's own!

2) Cut 1 Main Panel from the Laminated Fabric, the Contrast Fabric, and the Batting. Cut 2 Pockets from the Laminated Fabric.*
*Note: if you need to change the size of the neck opening, do so. I have made it to fit my 14-month-old son with a little room to spare, but it is easily customizable!

3) Place your Laminated and Contrast fabric wrong sides together, with the batting in between.*

*If you choose to use laminated fabric on both sides, like I did, lay some blue painter's tape on the floor of your sewing machine and on the bottom of the presser foot. It will help to prevent sticking!)
Example of painter's tape on table of machine
Painter's tape on presser foot
4) Place your two pocket pieces wrong sides together, baste in place
I used bobby pins to hold my pieces together. If you choose to
use traditional pins, do so within the seam allowance (approximately
1/4" from edge) since they will leave visible holes
5) Place a section of bias tape along the top edge of the pocket; sew in place.
6) Now line your pocket up on the bottom of the bib (make sure it is on the laminated fabric, not your contrast. Baste in place along sides and bottom edge of the pocket and around the entire bib.

7) Use Bias Tape to finish all edges around bib.*
*Go SLOWLY with the bias tape, especially if you get the narrowest type like I did. I will be the first to tell you that I SUCK at bias tape, and had more than a few areas that I had to redo so that I caught all of the fabric within the narrow strip! If you don't catch all of the fabric, you will get water inside the bib when you wipe it down (or wash it)...and that will leave a brown mark on the laminated cotton. Ick.

8) On one "tab" that will go behind baby's neck, create a button hole with your button hole foot (or place the "rough" velcro on the laminated fabric, I was going to do a button but got lazy and did velcro instead)

9) On other "tab, sew on your button (or sew on the "soft" side of velcro to the contrast fabric side)

All Done! 

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