Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Aviator Cap

I follow this wonderful woman on blogger named Amy over at Nap Time Crafters. She has a ton of great tutorials, mostly for baby, but some for herself as well. She doesn't have all tutorials, though, she also has a pattern shop where you can buy the patterns for some truly great products!

I have purchased both her Aviator Cap and her Newsie Cap, but so far have only made the Aviator Cap because, well, it's winter and the Newsie Cap isn't the warmest hat in the world.

A word of warning...measure, measure, measure! I made one that was supposed to be 19 inches, but it turned out to be 21 inches because apparently my half inch is less than her half inch, and when you're using half inch seam allowances it's important! That's OK though, because Monkey isn't done growing, and while it works this winter (aka it's not falling off his head) it should fit PERFECTLY next winter.

Here's a pic of what hers looks like:

And here's what my finished product looks like. No, the right ear flap is not smaller than the left, it's just how it was laying on the table at the time:

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