Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Sizing Knit and Crocheted Hats

I have been having issues sizing my hats. I follow the patterns that I have to the letter, but it seems as though the finished product is always too big or too small. Then I found the following information at Crochet Geek's Blog that is going to be SUPER helpful. From this I'll be able to figure out what my gauge is with each stitch (double, single, half double) and my sizing should be much more accurate. The really nice thing? For most of the sizes it includes how tall the hat should be, so you don't end up with a hat that's so short it won't stay on or so long that the poor recipient cannot see! I have added preemie sizes that I found at This Site so we have the whole spectrum covered!

Here's the chart

  •   Preemie

o   1-2lbs=
§  Head Circumference 9”-10”
§  Hat Circumference 7.5”-8”
§   Length 3.5”-4”
o   2-3lbs
§  Head Circumference 10”-11.25”
§  Hat Circumference 8.5”-10”
§   Length  4”
o   4-5lbs
§  Head Circumference 11.5”-12.5”
§  Hat Circumference 9”-11.5”
§  Length 4”-4.5”
o   4-5lbs
§  Head Circumference 13”-14”
§  Hat Circumference 11.5”-13”
§  Length 5.5”-6”

  •         Newborn

o   Head Circumference 13”-14”
o   Hat Circumference 11.5”-13”
o   Length 5.5”-6”

  •      3 to 6 months

o   Hat Circumference 14”-17”
o   Length 6.5”-7”

  • 6 to 12 months

o   Hat Circumference 16”-19”
o   Length 7.5”

  • 12 months to 3 years

o   Hat Circumference 18”-20”
o   Length 8”

  • 3 to 10 years

o   Hat Circumference 19”-20.5”
o   Length 8.5”

  • Teens

o   Hat Circumference 20.5”-22”
o   Length 9”-10”

  • Adult Woman

o   Hat Circumference 21.5”-22.5”

  • Adult Man

o   Hat Circumference 23”-24”

Hope that helps!

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