Sunday, January 15, 2012

The Beast is Done!

I'm so excited. The quilt I started for my son when I was pregnant is finally finished! It's his early first birthday present. I did block out his name for safety, but you get the gist...his full name is above the birth date.

Since we are moving at the end of the week (yikes!) the hubby wanted something to hold his iPad in the car so that the baby could watch cartoons on the road. Here's what I came up with:
To make this, I just modified the Kindle Fire Cover to fit the iPad, and added a strap with velcro and a strap with a hook. You basically just make the case for the iPad with the corner tabs to hold it. When you lay out your pieces, make a 3.5" strap that will go in the center of one long edge. Also make 2 8" straps, one for the center of each short edge. Place them all, between the two rectangular pieces of fabric (along with your corner pieces) raw edges matched, and sew around. Leave a space for turning on the edge without a strap. Turn right side out and top stitch around the entire thing, skipping the corners where your corner pieces are. Then add a clip/hook to the short strap and velcro to the 2 long straps. That way it hooks onto the mirror!
You can see the strap that goes around the back of the
mirror (velcros in place) and the hook that attaches to the D-ring on the mirror

Side view to see how it sits in relation to the car seat.

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