Monday, January 2, 2012

The Situation Necessitates...

That I take a break for a while. I'll probably still post tutorials that I find and want to try, or things that I've done, but who knows. I have been promising myself that I would finish my son's birth quilt. I started it when I was about 7 months pregnant, and he's now 11 months old and it's still not *quite* finished. I keep getting distracted by other crafts, and I really want to have it done by the time he's born, he's 6 months old, Christmas, the New Year, his first birthday.

So I need to focus on that. Not to mention, we're moving later this month. Not across the street moving either. It's more like across the country moving. Then we're going to go visit family who haven't seen the baby since he was 5 months old...he'll be 1 by the time we get there. I have no idea when we'll get our household goods (with the military it can sometimes take a month before you get them) or even when we'll get a house.

On top of all of that, I have a dear friend who is having a baby soon, so I need to crank out her baby gift. And I'm hoping to go back to work after the move (if I can find anything).

Once we're all moved in, there is another problem. The closest town to the military installation where we will be living is 45 minutes away, and the closest craft store is an hour away. So I'll have to have a detailed list and a good budget in order to make the trip. That means that, no matter how large my list of crafts that I want to do is, I probably won't be doing as many as I am here.

It makes me sad to say that I have to slow down, but with the baby getting bigger and more active, and our lives changing significantly, it has to happen. I will still be selling what I can on the Etsy site, and I am DETERMINED to keep this blog alive, I just can't keep up the pace that I have had going.

See you all after our lives have settled down a bit, and I will post pictures of the quilt as soon as I have it's been over a year in the making!

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