Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Bun Shaper (AKA Chignon Cushion/Foundation) Tutorial

I was looking for hairstyles that I could do myself for an upcoming military ball, but I was having problems finding things that A) I could do myself AND B) didn't look really messy or flat. Then I found a great trick that I had never heard of before...a bun shaper. If you go to a beauty supply store, these will usually cost $3-$4 plus tax. Not a lot, I know, but why spend the money when you can make one with things you already have in your house?

A store-bought bun shaper looks like this:
And with one you can do hairstyles like this: 

So, let's get to it.


Tube Sock

Step 1: Cut toe off of sock and a section of nylon (with both ends cut off) approximately 3" long.

Step 2: Roll the sock all the way down to form a donut.
Step 4: Insert tube of nylon into the center of the donut.
Step 5: Wrap the nylon around the donut so that the two cut edges touch around the inside.
Step 6: Whipstitch the raw edges of the nylon together.
Step 7: Put the seam on the inside of the donut (so the entire outer section is smooth) and you're done!

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