Thursday, September 8, 2011

All Fabrics Are Not Created Equal

This is important to remember, and although I knew this to be true, I'm now experiencing it for the first time.

I am making a makeup bag for my sister. It will be pretty darn cool when it's finished, and I'll post a tutorial (if I ever get it together). However, letting her pick the fabrics has been both a blessing and a curse. She is very methodical in her choices, and everything has rules. Therefore, when I told her to stick to the 100% cottons because I am most comfortable working with them, she ignore my suggestion because her "rules" of aesthetics made it so she could not pick 3 cottons that "went together" and that she liked. Instead, she chose 2 cottons...and suede. First off, suede is expensive. Fine, it's her project. HOWEVER...suede moves a lot more than cotton does.

For example...cotton, when you fold it and finger press it, will stay in place. You are able to pin it, and sew it, and be fairly confident that it will stay where you want it and look how you want. Suede likes to play little tricks, like sliding around while you are trying to pin it or sew it and then you end up with slightly wavy lines instead of nice, crisp, straight lines like you do with cotton.

Sued also doesn't like to be pressed in can say "oh, yes, I'll hold that crease for you," and then promptly ignore what it just said and unfurl again.

Needless to say I'm having a challenging time. My suggestion is, when you are sewing with a fabric you are not familiar with , RESEARCH IT FIRST. I tried to encourage her to go a different route, but she wouldn't have it. Now I'm in a battle of wills with Suede, and I'm afraid he's winning...

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