Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Glittering Monogrammed Fall Wreath Tutorial

I finally tackled my first wreath, and I had so much fun I may do one for every holiday/season. My husband will not be pleased to have to find the storage, but I love them! Assembly took about 20 minutes, the rest took about 15 minutes plus drying time. All told, depending on how thickly you layer the paint, about an hour to an hour and a half for this wreath!


1 18" Grapevine Wreath
Fine Powdered Glitter in your choice of color (I used Recollections Extra Fine Glitter that I found in the scrapbooking department of Michael's)
Mod Podge or other Craft Adhesive
Glue Gun & sticks
Wooden Letter (for your personal monogram)
Fall Foliage of your choice (leaves, flowers)
Fall Fruit (I used Berries, Cranberries, a Pear and a Pumpkin)...make sure your glitter matches your fruit!
Jewelry Wire
Acrylic Paint
Small Paintbrush
Jewelry Crimping Pliers (Optional)
Jewelry Crimps (Optional)

  1. Cover half of each fruit with Mod Podge, then sprinkle the surface with glitter until covered.

2. When the first half has dried, repeat step one for the second half
3.  For your monogram, first paint one side and outer edges with paint. Allow to dry.

4.  Pull foliage off of its long stems. It's easier to place leaves, etc when you are working with smaller bits.

5.  Lay out your foliage on the wreath until you find what looks best to you.

6.  Use your hot glue gun to glue it all in place.
7.  Now place your fruit. If it comes on a bunch of foliage, pull it off, it should have a long stem attached. Put   your hot glue on the stem and slide it into place. 
8.  Take your jewelry wire and cut 1-2 lengths approximately 20" long (If you are hanging an A, for example, you will only need one length. I am hanging an M, so I need two lengths)
9.  Paint the other side of your letter. Before the paint dries, cover it with glitter. (I use paint because I don't glitter both sides, so it makes it blend in more)
10.  Tie the jewelry wire around the top of your letter and double knot the wire
11.  Cover the wire with extra mod podge and glitter so that it blends with the outer face of the letter. Allow everything to dry completely.
12.  Figure where you would like to hang your monogram. When you have placed it, weave the jewelry wire into the wreath so it is secure, then use the crimper and crimps OR tie and use the glue gun to secure in place. Be generous.

13.  If you used the crimper, use the glue gun over the crimps for extra strength. Also use it at the top of the letter to attach it to the wreath. 

Once everything is dry, you're done! Nice job!

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