Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Reposted from Colorado Mama Chic: Twine-Wrapped Monogram

I got this tutorial from my friend Andrea's blog over at Colorado Mama Chic. She's been posting a lot of cute ideas for the home lately (as well as some super-adorable clothing and accessory ideas) so please, check her out!

Have you ever thought...Man, I wish I had a Twine-Wrapped monogram for my wall?? Well, then you're in luck! That's today's craft! I seriously dig this little thing & it looks so cute on my wall! Hope you try it out!
What you need:
  • Cardboard Monogram {JoAnn has these for $3.99, but you can find a coupon almost anywhere for $1 off or 20% off. Look around & you'll find one}
  • Jute Twine {JoAnn for $2.49 - I only needed 1 spool, but others have needed 2}
  • Hot glue gun {you WILL burn your fingers}
  • Fabric for your flower
  • Black felt
  • Black 1 1/2" ribbon
  • Scissors
Begin by cutting pieces of twine & cover the end pieces.

Be sure to wrap over your ends or funky spots.

Once the bottoms are covered, begin wrapping around the letter. I put my glue lines in spots where you can't really see them if you are up close - like the bottom or the back, and I didn't do it every time I wrapped. Use your judgment & just make sure you pulling tight & the twine is sticking where you need it to stick - so that it's covering the cardboard. {Learn from my mistake & wrap any pieces that cannot be wrapped as you are moving steadily around the letter.}

Once you hit a corner, you will need to wrap it a few times & glue down a couple times to make sure it stays in place. Continue wrapping around the letter once your corner is covered. Make sure there is no cardboard showing!

Grab your fabric, cut about a 1 1/2" strip {I cut at the top of the fabric & tear to give it a more shabby look}

Tie a knot at one of the ends.

Place a drop of glue on one of the sides of the knot, twist your fabric, & secure it to your drop of glue.

Continue twisting & gluing until you have about an inch of fabric left. Glue down the remaining piece to the back of the flower.

Take your black felt & cut out a couple of leaves.

Decide where you want your flowers & glue them onto your letter.

Take your black ribbon & decide how long you'd like your letter to hang - I used about 12". Tie the two ends in a knot & hang. {I used a push pin to tack it onto my wall under the ribbon where it can't be seen.}

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Ruth Yoder said...

I've always wanted to try this. Very nice!