Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Ribbons and Spiders Halloween Wreath

I really want to start decorating the house for Halloween this year. Something about having a kid makes you want to make a big deal out of any and all seasons/holidays/events...anything. I found this tutorial for a Halloween Wreath with Spiders that I thought provided a great foundation for what I wanted, but it makes you run to a couple different sites to put it together, and I wanted to put my own special twist on it. Because of that, I'm going to do the entire tutorial here so that it's all in one place and includes my own take on it. Enjoy!
Ribbons and Spiders Halloween Wreath

1 Styrofoam Wreath (I got an 18" wreath)
Orange Ribbon at least 7/8" wide. (I ended up having to get 4 rolls of this. I got the Celebrate It Basic Basic Ribbon from Michael's. I suggest getting wider ribbon...the wider it is the less you will need.)
Sparkly Orange Ribbon at least 7/8" wide. (I ended up having to get 4 rolls of this. I got the Celebrate It Basic Basic Ribbon that sparkles from Michael's)
Thin Black Ribbon (The other tutorial specifies fringe ribbon. I just got 2 kinds of thin ribbon because I didn't like any of the fringe ribbon I saw, one sparkles and one is more lacy)
Knitting needle, pencil, or something pointy to poke ribbon into wreath
Craft Glue
Hot Glue Gun
Spiders (I got a few different types just for fun)
Any other decorations you want (I got an LED black sparkly pumpkin. I chose not to use the bats in the picture, and had to get more spiders and ribbon than what are pictured)
Halloween spider-webbing (the stuff you stretch and put on trees, etc)

Step 1: Cut your orange ribbon and orange sparkly ribbon into lengths that are at least 7/8" long, but no more than 1 1/4" long. You want them to be square-ish.

Step 2: IF you notice your ribbon fraying, use the lighter to lightly burn the ends. It will melt the ribbon and prevent fraying

Step 3: Place a small drop of craft glue on the back of each piece of ribbon
Step 4: Use your knitting needle or pencil to poke the ribbon into the wreath, glue side down. If you chose to get 2 types of orange ribbon, make sure to space them out so that the second type has room to be placed.
Step 5: Continue with the craft glue and poking the ribbons into the Styrofoam until the front, inner edge and outer edge are completely covered. Randomly place both plain and sparkly ribbons so that they are evenly distributed.
Step 6: Create your black spider "web" with the thin black ribbons. To secure, place a dot of craft glue on the back of the wreath, poke the end of the ribbon in, and place hot glue on top. String your ribbons in whatever way you desire, securing the other end the same way as the first. DO NOT use all of your black will need some to create the hanging strap.

Step 7: Cut and place your white spider webbing (if desired). You don't need much...and you don't even have to secure this other than wrapping it around your wreath in any way you like.
Step 8: Place your spiders and other decorations. Secure them with adequate amounts of hot glue.

Step 9: Place your hanging strap. Wrap one end of the black ribbon around the wreath...tie in the back, poke into Styrofoam and secure with hot glue. When your strap is the desired length, secure the other end in the same way.
All done! Enjoy!
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